Kajol never fails to impress us with her fashion sense. In an interview, the actor said that no one should take inspiration for fashion from her. She also talks about her film Eela.

Last week, Kajol unveiled her wax statue at Singapore's Madame Tussauds' museum. The statue looks exact replica of the actor. She attended the red carpet ceremony with her daughter Nysa.

When DNA asked the actor if she plans to get them to see the statue, she answered, "No, officially there’s no plan, but I definitely want them to see it, too. I had sent them a picture and they liked it a lot."

The Gupt actor is loved for her appearances and fashion statement. When she was told the same, Kajol answered, "I don’t think people should take any inspiration from me when it comes to fashion (laughs). I started out in films at the age of 16. That’s probably the time when most girls experiment with their clothes. Time just flew by me because I was busy working. Every morning, I had someone standing there with some outfit and saying, ‘This is what you will be wearing’. So, honestly, there was no time to form an opinion on what I would like to sport or what is my style. Gradually, I decided to find out about my preferences. Now, I have a good idea about what suits me and what doesn’t. It’s something that people develop in a lifetime through various choices, experiments and mistakes as well. Earlier, I didn’t care about it enough to have an opinion. But now I do."

Kajol will be making a comeback in the Hindi film industry with the film Eela. She was last seen in Dilwale (2015) also starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role.

About the film, she said, "Yes, we finished the film just four days ago. The release date has been finalised, too."

She will be playing an aspiring singer in Eela. When asked about her character, she answered, "No, I’m strictly a bathroom singer. And J (husband Ajay) says, ‘If I am outside the door, please don’t sing’."

When Kajol was asked what are her upcoming projects, she joked, "I’m going to concentrate on Eela for now. Maybe I will take a breather and then do another comeback. By now, it’s a pattern if you notice. I think I have made the maximum comebacks."