Call it a  proud moment for all Indians and NRIs! India’s indigenous spacecraft ‘Chandrayaan-2’ designed by ISRO successfully entered the moon's orbit on Tuesday, August 20th  setting yet another historic milestone in Indian space-history.

Elsewhere Hindi cinema superstar Akshay Kumar has created box-office history with the astronomical success of his patriotic ‘Mission Mangal’ multi-heroine movie, where defying filmy norms, he has ‘no heroine paired opposite him’. 

Within a span of just six days,  the first-ever India space-centric achievement movie ‘Mission Mangal’, directed by Jagan Shakti has already crossed Rs 108 crores and is expected to cruise into the Rs 150 crores orbit. 

Interestingly, ‘mega-hit machine’ Akshay Kumar has given a string of successive super-hits all crossing Rs 100 crores and some of them being socially relevant inspiring films like ‘Toilet—Ek Prem Katha’. Although his acclaimed movie ‘Pad-Man’ failed to score a century, it bagged the National Award.  Strange as it may sound,  the grounded Akshay refuses to get euphoric over his glorious box-office feat of ‘Mission Mangal’  whipping up a frenzied reaction.

Reacts Akshay, “ Sometimes when I know things are going super-cool, I am rather subdued and restrained. However, what makes me happy is the amazing response from kids and parents as this was a high-risk unexplored genre of space-science films. Honestly, it’s incredible, I was not anticipating this overwhelming response as it is Hindi cinema’s first foray into the emotions and overcoming the technical hurdles faced by a determined space-mission. That too with five spunky female scientists at its helm being mentor-driven by my leader-scientist-character. For all you know, there could be yet another space movie in the offing on the ‘Chandrayaan’ mission as well. ‘Mission Mangal’ has 70 percent of realistic content and 30 percent of fictional creative liberty,” explains Akshay who also reveals that “the entire cast was virtually in tears during the ‘goose-bumps’  emotional climax- the scene of the movie, where we see glimpses of the Mars planet”.