These days ‘Bigg Boss-1’ winner debonair actor Rahul  Roy (of ‘Aashiqui’ fame)  is being escorted by a ‘mystery woman’.

Guests at the star-studded  Rapchee OTT App launch party hosted by showbiz visionary  Dharam Gupta gazed curiously when the suave Roy-boy entered with this pretty enigmatic lady.

There was a ‘twist-in-the tale’, as they say.  Revealing his sentiments, Rahul clarified, “ All thru my career and personal life I have had enough of ’Aashiqui’.

But now I am single but not ready to mingle again.. Unless  I find some extraordinary woman who just sweeps me off. Now this charming girl with me is like an adopted sister --- coincidentally her name is Priyanka Roy.

She is a talented actress and my co-star in Tanvir Ahmad’s international film ‘Night and Fog’.I am mentoring Priyanka. In real life, I do not have any sister and we know each other for the past couple of years,” disclosed the Roy-boy who will now be celebrating  ‘Raksha-Bandhan’  on August 15th ( also the Indian I-Day). 

Career-wise the articulate actor has three other movies on hand including an Indo-Russian venture. “Am also considering offers for ‘web-series’ provided they are logically entertaining and exciting enough”.

The Rapture logo unveiling event which was brilliantly emceed by the vivacious model Dr. Saundarya Garg featured a dazzling live dance performance by sultry web-sensation Kangana Sharma.  Declared Dharam Gupta,  “ We are set to start streaming on ‘Rapture’  by end of September.

For me, good scripts that assure original entertaining quality content are of prime importance. Besides international content, our shows will be available in ten different regional languages,” disclosed Dharam.