Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services public health team will be monitoring for COVID-19 transmission and disease, and it will intervene when cases cross the beyond acceptable levels.

Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong said it was expected that in the short to medium term, unknown chains of transmission would persist in parts of Fiji and may not be picked up by the routine community surveillance program.

He said it would only be revealed when an outbreak was big enough to be visible.

“Therefore, having no cases reported does not necessarily mean that the virus has been eliminated, it implies that the spread of the virus has been successfully contained,” Dr Fong said last night.

“Further to community surveillance, remodelling health service provision is also a key strategy in our response.”

Dr Fong has reminded members of the public that while they had instigated a number of mandatory and punitive measures to promote adherence to COVID safe measures, public engagement and compliance remained the main determining factor to preventing further transmission and preventing the need for severe restrictions and lockdown.

“As such whilst we are doing well with steady reductions in disease cases, admissions, severe disease, and death, this is a time for cautious reassurance and optimism.” - Fiji Times