In the recent turn of event involving SRK'S son Aryan Khan, the superstars' commercials with an educational platform were brought to a halt. SRK not only endorses this brand, but is the face of a dozen such brands. From cars to home decor and so on, the actor's commercial portfolio is massive. 

Now, with his son Aryan Khan's arrest in the cruise drugs bust case, has SRK'S brand value taken a hit? Popular ad man Prahlad Kakkar speaking to Hindustan Times called the case a 'tamasha' and said, "Rivals might use it saying your brand ambassador’s son is doing drugs, what are you teaching children? They don’t want to open themselves up for any such attack. Rather than dropping him from the whole thing, they just paused to see what the result is. Aryan is just being held for the heck of it, it is a political thing and everybody understands that. At the end they will have to let him go.”

Elaborating on the actor's brand value, he added, "SRK’s brand value is no longer as strong as it once was when his films were doing much better. There were more people interested in watching him than there are now, so there is a natural diminishing of brand value. That cannot be attributed to the episode involving his son." 

Another trade expert Atul Mohan echoes similar sentiments and labelled it as a temporary setback. "It is a tough time for Shah Rukh and his family, but it won’t affect his brand value or standing. I think he will emerge stronger after this. He would be more eagerly awaited. This is generating sympathy towards the Khan family, and more anger towards the system,” he told the portal.

Aryan Khan's bail plea hearing is now slated to be held on 13 October.