The following write up is intended to shake this inertial stance and generate a debate to bring about the much-needed change.
We leave our land  And look for a home
The Indian diaspora is upbeat with prospects of further deepening of New Zealand-India bilateral relations after the recent visit by India’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Gen. V. K. Singh in the South Pacific.
Tertiary education enables students to be part of an innovative and successful New Zealand.
In our multicultural society, many services like rest homes for the elderly are still provided according to the needs of the majority population. But culture matters. So does food.
Pakistan gifted parts of Jammu and Kashmir to China and even agreed to facilitate its access to the Indian Ocean. Karakoram highway and Gwadar sea port are few examples of the resulting Chinese investments.
The developments on Wednesday, February 15 clearly suggest that this move of seeking sanctuary in the church has brought some confusion, if not an embarrassment of any kind for the government authorities as originally intended by the organizers.
Everyone is talking about the Indian students who are facing deportation after their appeal to the Immigration Minister was declined last week. There have been two opinions on this case
During his election campaign when US President Donald Trump said that he would build a ‘wall’ or put a ban on immigration and would send immigrants back to their country, I thought it was a mere election promise
There are major problems in our education of foreign students. Cases of fraudulent student visas have created hardship for 190 Indian students. Most of the students have returned to India but nine Indian students and a toddler are now in a sanctuary in...

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