Fresh ruby-red pomegranates (anardana) have an intensely ?avoured nectar encasing the seed pods, which burst in crunchy bites with each mouthful.
The support you get from your spouse or romantic partner may determine your personal growth and psychological well-being, a study suggests.
Munching about a handful of almonds daily may help boost the level of good cholesterol in the body as well as improve its functionality, new research suggests.
Immunity levels suffer a setback during monsoon and it becomes really difficult to digest food.
Peshawari Naan is believed to have brought to India from Persia in the 1500s; as did the other naan and the addition of dried fruits to it meant that it was favoured by the Mughals in India.
Completing a four-year degree course is likely to add more than 4.5 kg to your body weight, along with the associated health risks, a study says.
The internet has become the nerve of every people’s digital life. It’s a wonderful place to share and grab useful information and entertainment. However, it has a dark side too.
If you have a lean body shape with normal body mass index but with skinny lower legs, you may be at three-fold increased risk of dying from cardiometabolic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease, a research has claimed.
The right kind of eyewear can make or break your entire look. While black rimmed glasses are for the fall season, oversized glasses look great with high waist trousers and polo T-shirt, suggest experts.
The shocking death of 14-year old Mumbai schoolboy Manpreet Singh Sahani, who reportedly took his own life as part of a deadly online social media game called The Blue Whale challenge, has raised many questions.

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