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PINK is a social thriller that reflects on the dubious morals of today’s times starring Amitabh Bhachhan
Pink movie trailer
Everyone's favourite snack the Paani Puri
Paani Puri recipe
More than 150 international Indian students are about to be deported from New Zealand because their India-based agents used fake financial documents to get them into the country on student visas. The students had no idea that the agents were using fake documents and feel that being deported for something they didn't even know about is unfair. The students organised a protest on Saturday, 3 September, 2016 outside National Party list MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar's office in Auckland. The students have p
Indian students in New Zealand protest against deportation | 3 September 2016 | Indian Weekender
Inside the industry sending Indian students to New Zealand
Indian students in NZ
Bollywood fusion performance by Belly dancing troupe
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Belly dancing troupe
Bollywood fusion performance by Nasha
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Nasha
Bollywood dance performance by Arabella
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Arabella
A fusion of Western and Indian music performance by Amrita Bhende, Ben Fernandez and Manjit Singh
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Amrita Bhende deSouza
Rt Hon PM, John Key speaks at the Indian Weekender, Hall of Fame awards. Mr Bhav Dhillon gives the vote of thanks
Hall of Fame 2016 - Speech by Rt Hon PM, John Key
Ramesh Patel wins the unsung hero of the year
Hall of Fame 2016 - Winner of the Unsung hero of the year, Ramesh Patel
Dr Malvindar Singh's passionate and inspirational acceptance speech on winning the Young achiever of the year award
Hall of Fame 2016 - Young achiever of the year Dr Malvindar Singh-Bains
Indian Weekender presents the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2016
Highlights of the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2016

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Possibly the first rap in Marathi
Rap in Marathi - India's got talent
Rihanna's song Rude Boy played to a Dhol by Miss Rani Taj, really cool!
Rihanna's Rude Boy feat. Miss Rani Taj
Even the Royal family enjoys letting their hair down to Punjabi music
The Royal Family dance to Punjabi Music
Rhydun is going to get you
Mr Bean dances to a Punjabi Song
Performed by Boymongoose an Indian boyband
12 Days of Christmas Indian style
Flash Mob at Auckland's Britomart
Why this kolaveri di, Auckland flash mob
Punjabi version of Jingle Bells
Punjabi Jingle Bells
Every Indian would agree this is the funniest ad ever.
Petronas Diwali advertisment
Tomator chutney recipe by Manjula
Tomato chutney recipe
Katee and Joshua with an awesome performance
So you think you can Dance - Dhoom Tana
A clip from Goodness Gracious Me that proves Father Xmas is really Indian
Santa Claus is really Indian
A scene from Goodness Gracious me
Mona Lisa was Indian!