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A young detective sets out to look for his missing father on a journey that takes him on a life-changing adventure
Jagga Jasoos trailer
Produced by Salman Khan Films, starring Salman Khan and Sohail Khan
Tubelight trailer
Not happy with the proposed changes to immigration policy? There's still some time to stop those changes from being implemented as law.
Immigration - Your say
Aggravated robbery at Kingsford Supermarket in Auckland leaves one in hospital
Kingsford Supermarket robbery
Labour MP Phil Twyford talks about immigration and Law and order in NZ
Phil Twyford talks about immigration
Auckland dairy owner considers keeping arms to protect themselves from aggravated robberies
Dairy owners consider weapons
Mobile Phones changed our lives and Whatsapp took it a step further. Check out how it made a difference!
Amit Tandon on Mobile phones and Whatsapp
Awesome performance of singing in 4 languages
Carpool singing in 4 languages
Amit Tandon's stand up comedy about how growing up in Indian Middle Class gives you a DNA that never changes, irrespective of what you do in life later.
Indian middle class symbols - Amit Tandon
With Immigration debate pacing up in New Zealand this election year, immigration lawyer Alastair McClymont from Auckland tells us why he thinks Indians are being targetted by the recent immigration policy changes.
Immigration policy changes targeting Indian students and workers
Indian Weekender in conversation with British film director Gurinder Chadha
Interview with British film director Gurinder Chadha
Indian Weekender in conversation with Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog
Interview with Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog

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Bollywood fusion performance by Belly dancing troupe
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Belly dancing troupe
Featuring Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker and Vidya
Chaiya Chaiya / Don't stop
From humble beginnings to becoming the CEO of Google
Sundar Pichai - Googles new CEO
Frank a Canadian groom sings for his Indian wife on their wedding day
Groom sings for his bride
Priyanka Chopra's third single
I Can't Make You Love Me
15 year old invents a Virtual Brailler that converts digital text from Roman to braille
An eye-pad for the blind
Priyanka tells Seth about her love of Baywatch, demonstrates her slo-mo run and describes the difference between the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants
Priyanka Chopra interview
An exploration of two divergent art forms Tabla and Tap dancing
Tabla with Tap dancing
Bollywood dance performance by Arabella
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Arabella
A fusion of Western and Indian music performance by Amrita Bhende, Ben Fernandez and Manjit Singh
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Amrita Bhende deSouza
Bollywood fusion performance by Nasha
Hall of Fame 2016 - Performance by Nasha
Manjit Singh showing his superhuman power on Britains got talent
Manjit Singh superhuman strength