Best Police Advice (Not)
By Ann Pala
De ja vue! when crime gets rife Governments blame the citizens of the country and both Australia and New Zealand have done this repeatedly.  No one should need to change their identity or look different. What are the law makers paid for?  It's tax payers money and their job is to protect the people. Not long ago Police asked the Asian community to not carry handbags, not go out shopping but order supplies on-line. What rot. Do the job I say. Make communities crime  free together!
Crackdown should be on the Educational Institutions.
By Vikrant
Instead of deporting Indian Student they should look into closing loop holes in their own system and filter Educational Institutions and bring them under microscope before issuing student visa offered through low sub standard Course providers.
By Madhup
I am surprised when I read reaction of few Indians on any thing that they do not like, happens to them. In this particular case, why it is so hard to agree with what the police chief suggested. He is suggesting a strategy to avoid being attacked during odd hours. How is it different than what our elders suggest back at home. If you are showing off in a poor area any where in the world, you are exposing yourself to the dangers of getting attacked for your property etc.

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