“Many years ago I crossed the heart of the Sahara Desert, the Tanezrouft, deep in modern-day Algeria. The desert was 500 miles across in a single stretch, without water, food, a blade of grass, or even a fly....
“Confidence is the cornerstone of success in all domains of life, and developing it is much like nurturing a garden. It takes attention, gentle care, and vigilance. Poor self-confidence is like a garden that has been overgrown with weeds....
You could be forgiven if you thought Prime Minister John Key’s state of the nation address this week was an early curtain raiser to campaign 2017. Packed with significant big-ticket announcements and a glowing report card of...
It was on January 26, 1950, when India declared itself a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic nation2 with the adoption of the Constitution. A salute of 21 guns and the unfurling of the Indian national flag by Dr Rajendra Prasad heralded...
The Indian Weekender returns this week after its annual break, and we sincerely hope that all our readers have had a good break and we hope that this new year brings with it the realisation of all your dreams.
With the rapid increase of new media technologies, more Kiwis are signing up to online platforms that help arrange interest-specific meet ups.
The massacre in Paris is not just a French or a Western tragedy. It has caused universal outrage. Yet the global media’s coverage of the horror tends to give the West a monopoly on pain.
“Almost without exception, people who have done great things have also experienced great failures.” —Bernard Roth from The Achievement Habit
What a week this has been! I must start with what comes to anyone's mind first and that is Paris and not to forget Beirut and Bagdad.
The recent change to the FDI policy regime by the Indian government is a welcome move.
The Bihar results are a milestone in Indian political history, of course, but they also link up with a worldwide phenomenon...
The Modi bandwagon is clearly in a downtrend. Now the question remains whether it consolidates here or enters a bear market.
As the Bihar assembly election results started pouring in, veteran Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar made a serious mistake while going through his otherwise admirable election analysis on CNN-IBN.
Talking of dreams, BJP’s dream of taking Bihar has crashed and how. The invincible duo, Modi and Shah, have faced strong criticism from BJP elders who have stated that they have failed to learn anything from the Delhi defeat.
Back home our festivities actually start right from Eid then rolling on to Diwali, followed by Christmas and finally heralding the New Year.
The 70th anniversary of the United Nations is also being marked by its inability to address new and emerging challenges and an inability to carry conviction, let alone credibility, in large parts of the world.
Fireworks can still be let off on private property, but in a move to protect people, animals and property, they were banned in public places across the whole of Auckland in 2013.
The Diwali, celebrations are continuing across the country, and it is heart warming to note that we live in a multicultural nation where all cultures are embraced and celebrated.
As I write this, Dussehra is being celebrated around the world, and on behalf of the entire team at Indian Weekender I hope that this Dusshera
With this being the mandate, ideally EQC's role after Christchurch's 2010–11 earthquakes should had been to help the city stand on its feet again. Instead, the entity is facing the possibility of a class action suit, and allegations of oversight..

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