Prime Minister John Key's presence in the United Nation's Summit for Refugees and Migrants demonstrated New Zealand's commitment towards refugees and migrants around the world
Two things have happened in the last few days in New Zealand politics around the high-profile Indian student deportation issue that has slightly gone unnoticed by many political pundits.
There is nothing more audacious than appearing to be instigating a demand for an "Indian-New Zealander" to head New Zealand's diplomatic mission in India.
The app that changed the way you ride has been in the news for flouting New Zealand laws
From the desk of Editor
One reason for this shortcoming is the fact that Indian parents give more emphasis to academic, and not enough to active pursuits. Sport is for recreational purposes only.
I believe that life’s battles do not always go to the smarter or the faster person, but to the one who thinks he can.
It was just any other day at the office and as usual, before leaving, I bid my colleagues goodbye with the words: “Bye, girls!” as all of them are females. However, soon a male colleague joined our office
"On its way to landing astronauts safely on the surface of the moon, the miracle of modern engineering that was an Apollo rocket was actually on course...
The oldest political party in New Zealand turned 100 over the weekend. Centenary events were held around the country last week to celebrate Labour’s achievements that have shaped New Zealand’s history.

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