Last week I had the privilege of visiting a popular Indian fast food restaurant. After we exchanged greetings with the owner, he congratulated us for our publication going weekly......
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, an unorthodox cricketer from a small town Ranchi to the most powerful man of cricket worldwide, retired from Test cricket after the Melbourne Test.
Is the pen mightier than the sword – or the gun for that matter? Or is the gun powerful enough to freeze the pen?
The year 2014 is drawing to a close. This has been a big year for the Indian Weekender. We have made some big strides this year, made some new and exciting additions to our publication and enjoyed every bit of.....
In this issue, we talk about a crucial journey that Indian Weekender undertook and has managed to come up with some good results that can be a big contribution to the trauma and emergency management in New Zealand.
Indian Weekender is always keen to celebrate the endeavours of people who take the courage to push outside of their comfort zones and the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame is our biggest claim to honouring this fighting spirit.
The Modi Government completes six months in power and Indian Weekender has followed Mr Modi its charismatic leader, every step of the way. Our very own “India Modi-fied” started as an ode to India’s rising hope.
Fifth of November is celebrated each year with fireworks, lighting of bonfires and family gatherings . Known as Guy Fawkes Day, this celebration is in commemoration of a significant event in history.
While the two lascars who came on board a French ship in 1769 were the first Indians to visit New Zealand, the first settler was another lascar who deserted his ship City of Edinburgh in 1810,......
The 31st of October is celebrated as the National Unity Day in commemoration of the birth anniversary of India’s Iron Man – Sardar Vallabhai Patel who is considered to have been the key person in keeping India united.
Fear of so-called culture shock often drives newcomers into hiding from their own goals. Yet, one shy woman’s journey reveals such negativities transformed into their exact opposite.
The Indian Weekender seems to be in a perpetual mode for celebrations or is it that time of the year when, we hard working Indians decide to celebrate life? Just as the Diwali celebrations were dimming, the celebrations for Gurpurab are around the corner.
Changes are being made by the National government to employment law under the claim that they will give more flexibility in the workplace.
While economic data suggests that the economy is doing well, the reality is that the foundations are shaky, propped up by a dairy price bubble, the Christchurch re-build and house price speculation.
We were walking a few inches taller and a few inches above the ground with pride on reading the headline in a leading Indian News Channel that said “Modi Tsunami, Not Wave”.
Buzzwords like social housing are being used by the government as it focuses on its end goal of privatising state housing. It has no time for a practical and worthwhile solution.
It’s great to be part of a strong, stable National-led Government. I’m particularly looking forward to the opening of the 51st Parliament next week (20-21 October) when I will be sworn in along with 59 other National MPs.
The Prime Minister, John Key, made speech on election night about governing for all in New Zealand. He recognised there were issues raised during the election by the Green Party that need to be addressed.
It has been a week since we published the story on the Indian Prime Minister’s first address to the people, in the radio series called Mann Ki Baat. I had shared last time that I am inspired by it.
First Man came: Religions were instituted later for the evolution of his soul. Man was not made for the sake of religion but the purpose was to attain bliss and to realize the Lord.

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