Buzzwords like social housing are being used by the government as it focuses on its end goal of privatising state housing. It has no time for a practical and worthwhile solution.
It’s great to be part of a strong, stable National-led Government. I’m particularly looking forward to the opening of the 51st Parliament next week (20-21 October) when I will be sworn in along with 59 other National MPs.
The Prime Minister, John Key, made speech on election night about governing for all in New Zealand. He recognised there were issues raised during the election by the Green Party that need to be addressed.
It has been a week since we published the story on the Indian Prime Minister’s first address to the people, in the radio series called Mann Ki Baat. I had shared last time that I am inspired by it.
First Man came: Religions were instituted later for the evolution of his soul. Man was not made for the sake of religion but the purpose was to attain bliss and to realize the Lord.
Professor Sekhar Bandyopadhyay is the Director of New Zealand India Research Institute. He is a historian and an award-winning author. He was also a speaker at Auckland Diwali’s Speakers series.
It is being called the Modi Lehar (wave). But really can this ball of energy and genius be defined by a word such as ‘wave’?
In our pursuit of global empowerment - I am Woman was a proud supporter of the Auckland Peace City Celebration of Nuclear Free New Zealand along with the United Nations on the 27th September 2014.
It seems like Team IWK has chosen the most appropriate time to go weekly. While it’s a huge challenge for the team, it’s a promise we have great pleasure in delivering to our Kiwi-Indian community.
It was the morning of the 68th Independence Day celebrations and along with the rest of the world, India was awaiting its “new generation” Prime Minister to address the Nation from the Red Fort.
Manukau Indian Association hosted the ‘meet and greet’ evening where in all the Kiwi Indian candidates were invited to interact with the Kiwi Indian community represented by about 200 leaders from all across the country.
Although the pursuit of happiness can be an endless journey and it’s easy to think of happiness as the destination but in reality, its essence lies in the journey itself and often happiness is the driver.
Veer Khar calls upon the collective responsibility of all Kiwi-Indian associations to represent Kiwis originating from all corners of India.
Sometimes the journey to happiness can be a painful one. It might mean losing oneself completely to find oneself again.
“Legendary innovators like Franklin, Snow, and Darwin all possess some common intellectual qualities—a certain quickness of mind, unbounded curiosity—but they also share one other defining attribute.
In our continuing discussions about pursuing happiness one of our regular readers from India wrote to us about the happiness in the power to choose.
The tragic death of Mr Arun Kumar has saddened me immensely and my thoughts are with his friends and family. They have lost a good man, and our vibrant Indian community has lost an important member.
National is committed to providing opportunities for our youth and migrants.
A new neuroscience study may explain why telling stories builds empathy and also why, when you tell a good one, people act as if they're watching it unfold before them.
“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Gloria Steinem

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