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India’s institutions and policies have often, for inexplicable reasons, outlived logic. The Planning Commission is an eloquent illustration of this.
United Nations Women has initiated the ‘Orange Your Neighbourhood’ movement that seeks to raise awareness and prompt action to cease the worldwide scourge of violence against women and girls.
Nobody deserves to be a victim of crime. Over the past two terms National has been working hard to put victims at the heart of our justice system, because we know they deserve and need our support.
Moves are afoot to change the daily prayer in Parliament. Apparently it's out of date. New Zealand First doesn't agree. We believe it does reflect us. It's a tradition that shows what we were and where we came from.
Over the past two weeks, the world’s hopes for a stable climate have been focused on the climate change talks in Lima, Peru.
In this column, I share my experiences that would perhaps be familiar to you too. If you can relate to them, please share your thoughts or similar experiences with me.
When you think about the rampant corruption in India, the first organisation that comes to mind is the Indian Police force. Most citizens live in fear of this corrupt force; often considered to be subservient only to the highest bidder.
Handling their families, kids, and household responsibilities along with the professional pressures is no joke - and yet we multi-taskers do this with considerable ease.
It’s risky for a sensitive law like the government’s recent Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill to be pushed through in such a rush.
It’s encouraging to see the progress New Zealand is making through the hard work of households and businesses up and down the country.
In the six months he has ruled India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demonstrated a new style of governance, of a "taskmaster" in his own words, peppered with some out-of-the-box thinking .....
Beneath the surface of the official levels of our government and business sector, there is another world – the ‘Third Sector’ populated by dedicated volunteers..............
Under National, more of our schools, hospitals, businesses, and rural communities are getting better access to faster broadband.
The world had not yet recovered from the rockshow that unfolded at Maddison square gardens in New York when Modi delivered his encore perfoemance at the Allphones Stadium at Sydney.
Scaremongering about the cost of New Zealand Super continues with some in the public and the media now convinced that it is not affordable. They are wrong.
“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Gloria Steinem
A wise man said "if you watch well the beginnings, the ends will manage themselves" and this exactly is what Mr. Narendra Modi seems to be doing in his endeavour to find a position of respect on the world stage for India .
The international scientific body established to provide guidance to the climate change negotiators has just finalised its fifth assessment report. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reflects the vast...
The hard-work and entrepreneurship of New Zealanders together with the Government’s clear economic plan and careful financial management has our country in good shape.
Sixteen of 23 companies failed an investigation of employment standards that was conducted by the government’s Labour Inspectorate in Christchurch.

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