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National has worked hard to steer the country through the recession, the global financial crisis, and the aftermath of a very destructive and expensive natural disaster
New Zealand is the best country for providing opportunities, opportunities for people to improve their position in life and get ahead.
The National-led Government is focused on creating greater opportunities for all New Zealanders.
National came into Government determined to build a safer New Zealand, and we are delivering on this commitment
There’s a big link between science and keeping New Zealand protected from harmful pests and plants.
New Zealand cities are dominating the country but as Kiwis we must remember that the regions matter.
The Government and New Zealanders have worked together to face the challenges of a country left in recession by Labour, a global financial crisis, and devastating earthquakes in Canterbury.
One of Labour’s top priorities is to make it easier to run a business in New Zealand.
At the heart of National’s “Bluegreen” approach is the belief that successful economic and conservation policy can, and must, go hand-in-hand.
Power bill issues: There's no use consulting your bill to work it out - there's no transparency.
New Zealand First proposes three free doctor’s visits for SuperGold Cardholders as a prevention measure.
New Zealand First continues to be concerned about the failure of measures.
Proven strategies, expert knowledge and a service focus key for success
But it will be a while before big benefits begin to flow both ways
Need for a Spiritual Perspective
To work and live permanently in New Zealand, migrants have to apply for the visa based on their occupation and skills
Delivering Better Public Services is part of our plan to build a brighter future for all New Zealanders
"Sorrow comes to everyone but suffering is our choice," Swami Chinmayananda

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