There are many things that make New Zealand special, but without a doubt one of the most remarkable is our unique environment, which draws people and praise from around the world.
The government has made important changes to its KiwiSaverHomeStart scheme as part of its comprehensive plan to address housing issues. The government has increased the income and house price caps
How well are different communities faring in New Zealand? That’s the question that the recent Families and Whanau Status Report asked about the many different ethnic communities that make up New Zealand
Auckland is a great place to live. It is New Zealand’s only city of scale. We offer choice and opportunity in learning, in work and in play. We have the diversity that makes Auckland a really interesting place to be.
The recent coup attempt in Turkey has added a new level of complexity to the Middle East.
Last week I returned from a successful trip to Europe and Indonesia where I had a series of meetings with world leaders.
The warnings have been sounded. Our economy rests on a shaky ground. Ad hoc and piecemeal responses to crises such as housing and the dairy sector are no substitute for sound strategy.
Supporting older New Zealanders through better access to public services is one of this government’s main priorities.
Improving housing supply and affordability is important for New Zealand families and communities, and the National-led government has a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue.
This Budget pretended to solve the housing crisis, but instead it just blamed someone else—in this case, the Auckland Council. There was no plan to deal with the crisis that has left people homeless, sleeping in garages or cars, or going into debt...

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