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There are few more defining moments for a government than the decision to wage war. Prime Minister, John Key has said we are within weeks of deciding what action we will take against Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Iraq.
The automatic approvals and the sale of New Zealand land and businesses continues but no-one is checked to see if foreign buyers keep their promises of creating jobs in New Zealand.
Apple chief executive Tim Cooks got a standing ovation in Cupertino, when he announced the "next chapter in our story" at a special event that also launched the iPhone 6 in two sizes.
Tens of thousands of homes have been bought by offshore buyers in Auckland and there are crowds at the house auctions. This is a crisis as prices spiral out of rest of Kiwis.
A highly-trained, enthusiastic and professional teacher in front of the class is pure gold for student achievement
National values home ownership. That’s because it provides stability for families, strength for communities and security in retirement.
National heads to the election with New Zealand on track to Budget surplus this year backed by good growth, more jobs, and higher incomes.
New Zealanders collectively pay for their health, welfare and superannuation systems.
Mahatma Gandhi once said it is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver. How right he was.
Young New Zealanders deserve more than a life of welfare dependency. National is not prepared to let this be the future of our next generation.
National is building a safer New Zealand. We’ve embarked on a comprehensive programme of reform to protect communities, prevent crime, and put victims first. Our work is paying off.
Under National over one million hectares of New Zealand land has been sold to foreign interests in just five and a half years – this is about selling off New Zealand.
It's a meaningful month for the Indian community both in New Zealand and around the world as we celebrate the 68th anniversary of India's independence.
The 50th Parliament wrapped up last week. It’s been a busy term with more than 330 pieces of legislation passed – 51 of them in the past year – and thousands of questions answered by our Prime Minister and Ministers.
Improving the lives of the most vulnerable New Zealanders is one of National’s priorities.
Regional New Zealand has led our country out of the global financial crisis with almost every region showing strong growth, and most with a lower unemployment rate than Auckland.
In todays time and age when we rush about trying to get and keep our lives together and any free time whatsoever is dedicated to Facebook or Twitter or our choice of social media, we seem to forget to check in with ourselves regularly.
India is one of three Emerging Markets that Tourism New Zealand is investing in. Since becoming a priority emerging market, Tourism New Zealand has grown its presence in India, and has more than tripled its investment.
Last month, the community bode farewell to Arun Kumar-a perfect husband, son, father and a law-abiding, tax-paying New Zealander of Indian origin!
On May 10th, the Prime Minister and foreign minister Murray McCully were told that a young New Zealand woman had allegedly suffered burglary and attempted rape by a Malaysian diplomat.

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