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The Social Development Minister spoke on radio about the number of people on welfare benefits in New Zealand. She mentioned that there was a need to “be careful we don’t fill up all the spaces with immigrants”.
These long sunny days are not only good for outdoor family time, they can provide us with abundant and cheap energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity has long been possible, ....
I’m looking forward to another busy year as the Government focuses on locking in the hard-won gains New Zealanders have made under National.
It was about five years ago, almost a year after Pooja had first arrived in Auckland. The apartment she was renting in CBD was managed by a reputed letting agency and their service was quite commendable.
The rights of the victims of murderer Phillip John Smith are being completely overlooked. The Summary of Chief Custodial Officer Review in to the Failure to Return from Temporary Release of Phillip John Smith is full...
For a Xmas present, I wanted funding for a better public transport system in Auckland. Unfortunately I didn’t get it. Nor did the 1.5 million Aucklanders who suffer from ever-worsening traffic jams.
New Zealand First has been asking questions about elective surgery – surgery that is not an emergency but that often changes people’s lives.
Yoga – a practice not alien to any Indian and now becoming a global phenomenon. With the growing awareness around health and mindful living around the world.....
We want to voice what affects us; we want to be heard. This is our platform to stand united against all odds
It’s the end of the parliamentary year – one in which Labour suffered a historic election loss. So, it’s good to be putting 2014 behind us and looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year.
The big gap between the rich and poor is holding back economic development and progress in New Zealand. This was revealed in a report this week from the OECD, an organisation of 34 developed countries.
The holiday season is a time to get together with family and friends, and enjoy the great Kiwi summer.  And it’s a time to think about those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s also a time to take stock, and a time to look to the year ahead.
Political events in 2014 were worthy of a fast moving soap opera, full of twists and turns. There were larger than life characters, lies and skulduggery, rumours and moments.....
India’s institutions and policies have often, for inexplicable reasons, outlived logic. The Planning Commission is an eloquent illustration of this.
United Nations Women has initiated the ‘Orange Your Neighbourhood’ movement that seeks to raise awareness and prompt action to cease the worldwide scourge of violence against women and girls.
Nobody deserves to be a victim of crime. Over the past two terms National has been working hard to put victims at the heart of our justice system, because we know they deserve and need our support.
Moves are afoot to change the daily prayer in Parliament. Apparently it's out of date. New Zealand First doesn't agree. We believe it does reflect us. It's a tradition that shows what we were and where we came from.
Over the past two weeks, the world’s hopes for a stable climate have been focused on the climate change talks in Lima, Peru.
In this column, I share my experiences that would perhaps be familiar to you too. If you can relate to them, please share your thoughts or similar experiences with me.
When you think about the rampant corruption in India, the first organisation that comes to mind is the Indian Police force. Most citizens live in fear of this corrupt force; often considered to be subservient only to the highest bidder.

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