New Zealanders and Fijians have traditionally got on well and our countries have cooperated closely. We draw on common traditions of English language, institutions, rugby and cricket.
Parliament has recently returned after a three week recess for Easter and then Anzac Day. April still was a rather busy month for MPs.
This is the first of my next three columns outlining changes in New Zealand’s place in the world.
Rehabilitation support can help steer offenders away from crime and keep our communities safer.
The economy rebounded; exports and imports declined, foreign-exchange reserves grew...
Why do we even have to assign roles of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)?
In the absence of a coherent economic plan New Zealand is being taken over by commercial “warlords” like the company Ports of Auckland, at the expense of provincial ports like Northland.
It was very sad to wake last Wednesday morning to the news eight men had been executed in Indonesia overnight.
You might have seen that Finance Minister Bill English has talked a little about what to expect in the Budget he will present to Parliament on May 21.
The powerful coal lobby in Austalia has also come under a scanner for the role it may have played in blocking uranium sale to an energy-starved India.
An agitated Poorvi wrote an email to the school principal asking why the school not have rubber mats instead of the bark chips under the jungle gyms. The bark chips have pointy ends and if somebody falls on them, they hurt quite badly
Our strong, growing economy, backed by the Government’s clear economic plan, is translating into real benefits for New Zealand households and businesses.
US President Barack Obama, in his 166-word eulogy in Time magazine that named Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the 100 most influential people in the world.
The latest crime statistics came out just before Easter and for those of us in Auckland they make appalling reading.
We need to take action on climate change, not only because it is the most serious problem facing our planet and our future, but also because it is an opportunity for New Zealand.
Family life is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy society. That’s why the well-being of young families and children has been at the heart of the Government’s new spending in a growing economy.
I’m sure you have heard of the case of the young New Zealand man recently sent to jail in Myanmar for insulting religion.
New Zealand is a great place to raise a family. We have a good lifestyle. We’re ranked first in the world for social progress. More Kiwis are coming home. But National knows we can make New Zealand even better.
A fundamental responsibility of the state is to ensure the safety of its citizens. Being safe is one of the real advantages of living in New Zealand where we are free from the conflict that engulfs so many other countries.
The world has fragmented since the day Deepika Padukone’s documentary film for Vogue Empower went viral.

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