After the last election, the Prime Minister, John Key, warned his colleagues in the National Party not to be arrogant in this term of government. Looking at recent events, it appears this warning has been ignored, including by the PM himself.
In my electorate of Mt Roskill, where house prices used to be modest, a house last week in Betts Ave, a state housing area, sold for $1.8 million. A former state house in Bremner Ave sold for $1.47 million.
From 1 July all children under-13 became eligible for free GP visits, delivering on National’s 2014 election promise.
The world of fiction is replete with strong female characters, and they are fighting their own battles.
Finance Minister sees our low-wage economy as a competitive advantage, saying that New Zealand’s 30 percent lower wages than Australia’s should attract more business. But this approach has benefited the few, but harmed most of us.
We are living in the midst of a dramatic change. The rise of emerging nations, particularly India and China, has altered the global economy.
A long term approach would map out a pathway to reduce and then eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, while planting more trees to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
One reason is that very little of the TPPA is about trade issues like tariffs and quotas. Most of the TPPA is about our domestic laws and regulations, covering issues like patents, copyright, ...
These problems raise serious questions about the government’s private sector approach to prisons. The role of corrections should be to ensure that those in their care are denied their freedom, not their human rights.
Brutal conflict in the Middle East has increased the number of people fleeing their homes to over 15 million people. The international community needs to respond.
This week, we take a look at three women who have influenced the lives of many around the world.
We want to voice what affects us; we want to be heard. This is our platform to stand united against all odds.
Continuing our series from last week, we look at some of the best-known women directors in the world of cinema who are at the top of their game.
The literary circle has seen many women voice their deepest emotions through the power of words. We take a look at some of their illustrious careers.
Time and again, cases of sexism in sport have been reported. In early March, the Australian women’s football team was subject to sexist abuse by men at a football match. In June, during the Women’s World Cup,....
Last week, a man in Northwest Delhi’s Rani Bagh area was arrested and sent to judicial custody for allegedly raping his friend’s maid. When dailies in India regularly carry reports of sexual abuse,..
In this concluding section of Ethnicities – At the Crossroads of Culture, let us take a look at the last census report that was released in 2013, to reflect on the ethnic diversity that has been recorded in New Zealand in the recent past.
With the simultaneous launch of the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), Housing for All and the coveted Smart Cities Mission (SCM) on June 25, 2015, it was a landmark day in the evolution of India's urban agenda.
Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s #SelfieWithDaughter met an ironic twist of fate.
In early June, India woke up to a social media storm; the hashtag #DespiteBeingAWoman was on the rise. A little probing was enough to find the cause. The country’s prime minister had made his first embarrassing gaffe.

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