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ACC levies, paid by employers and self-employed people, will fall to 90 cents per $100 of liable earnings, down from 95 cents. This reduces costs for hard-working small businesses around the country.
It’s a new generation coming through, it’s setting a young person’s agenda for our cities and country, and it gives me hope for the future of Auckland and New Zealand.
If I as a candidate can get that much attention and commitment in three weeks imagine what I and Northland could do in the next 133 weeks.
The more I thought of it, the more it did not make sense. Then someone said to me – “it does not matter what you say- what matters is who is listening to you”. That’s when the feedback made complete sense.
India is expected to be the world’s third largest economy by 2025 and it should be a much larger trading partner for New Zealand. In 2008, as Minister of Trade, I reached agreement with the then Indian Minister of Commerce......
The increase in economic growth, combined with 80,000 new jobs in the past year, paints a strong picture of a broad-based economic recovery. Strong sustainable economic growth is the only way to create more jobs and increase incomes.
The growth of internet, Facebook and other social media has meant that our lives are no longer private. But it is only recently, since the revelations by the former US government employee Edward Snowden, that we have come to realise...
Just then I spotted a lady who looked quite evidently pregnant, and was carrying four bags on her. Yes, there were four bags of different sizes – a backpack, a small messenger bag slung across her shoulders and two supermarket bags on each arm.
The male dominant world has always placed barriers on women to behave in a particular manner. Do this, don’t do that, watch your language, wear certain clothes, don't wear certain clothes; the never-ending barriers don’t seem to ever fall away..
I went up to the counter with my child and told one of the staff about what had happened. He asked for the receipt and I told him that I had thrown it away. ‘Sorry, I need the receipt,’ he said and walked away from us to another customer.
Is being a shopaholic truly an addiction? Or is it just an excuse for excess?
To buttress Modi's offensive, the BJP threw in nearly all its central ministers, headed by Arun Jaitley, and as many as 120 MPs into the campaign, a classic case of a sledgehammer being used to swat a seeming fly.
Over the past decade, I have had the great pleasure of working closely with the co-leader of the Green Party, Russel Norman – and I am personally grateful to him for suggesting that I stand as an MP.
My family and I have lived in many different countries, and among diverse cultures and religions. We discovered that no matter where you are in the world, people show care for each other through food.
Jobs mean people can pay their bills. Jobs put food on Kiwi tables. And jobs mean people can save and invest in brighter futures for themselves and their families.
If Prime Minister Modi can break protocol and go and receive President Obama at the gate of his aircraft,why couldn’t the dignitaries wave protocol and stand and honour the martyred soldier...
The Social Development Minister spoke on radio about the number of people on welfare benefits in New Zealand. She mentioned that there was a need to “be careful we don’t fill up all the spaces with immigrants”.
These long sunny days are not only good for outdoor family time, they can provide us with abundant and cheap energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity has long been possible, ....
I’m looking forward to another busy year as the Government focuses on locking in the hard-won gains New Zealanders have made under National.
It was about five years ago, almost a year after Pooja had first arrived in Auckland. The apartment she was renting in CBD was managed by a reputed letting agency and their service was quite commendable.

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