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Scaremongering about the cost of New Zealand Super continues with some in the public and the media now convinced that it is not affordable. They are wrong.
“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Gloria Steinem
A wise man said "if you watch well the beginnings, the ends will manage themselves" and this exactly is what Mr. Narendra Modi seems to be doing in his endeavour to find a position of respect on the world stage for India .
The international scientific body established to provide guidance to the climate change negotiators has just finalised its fifth assessment report. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reflects the vast...
The hard-work and entrepreneurship of New Zealanders together with the Government’s clear economic plan and careful financial management has our country in good shape.
Sixteen of 23 companies failed an investigation of employment standards that was conducted by the government’s Labour Inspectorate in Christchurch.
Ever wonder why some people in life are always successful at whatever they set out to do, whereas others get left behind struggling. A lot of us find ourselves in dead end jobs or unhappy life situations?
There is no government plan to improve housing for all New Zealanders. The government has put the Housing portfolio under three ministers and we now have a confused state of affairs.
A century ago this weekend New Zealand troops and their Australian friends sailed together for the battlefields of World War I.
Behind the scenes, the New Zealand Trade Minister, Tim Groser, and his counterparts from USA, Japan, Australia and eight other countries have been negotiating a hugely important agreement that will affect us all.
Once upon a time there lived a bureaucrat in the capital city of Delhi. He had a dream life and a dream job. His work day started – whenever he felt it was time.........
The nearest road ends at the base camp 72 kilometers away. It is in these conditions that the brave soldiers of the Indian Army guard our frontiers on the world's highest battle ground -SIACHIN
Malala Yousufzai, the 17-year-old Pakistani girl education campaigner who was shot in the head in 2012 by a Taliban gunman, is the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize
Everybody wants to get the most out of life. Here are twelve important things you can do to take the power back into your own hands -
Ever since I was a child I remember my Mum would wake us up every morning saying - "wakey wakey - Rise and Shine". Of course as children it didn’t mean anything to us except just my mum's loving call telling us it was time to wake up.
There are few more defining moments for a government than the decision to wage war. Prime Minister, John Key has said we are within weeks of deciding what action we will take against Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Iraq.
The automatic approvals and the sale of New Zealand land and businesses continues but no-one is checked to see if foreign buyers keep their promises of creating jobs in New Zealand.
Apple chief executive Tim Cooks got a standing ovation in Cupertino, when he announced the "next chapter in our story" at a special event that also launched the iPhone 6 in two sizes.
Tens of thousands of homes have been bought by offshore buyers in Auckland and there are crowds at the house auctions. This is a crisis as prices spiral out of rest of Kiwis.
A highly-trained, enthusiastic and professional teacher in front of the class is pure gold for student achievement

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