A real estate agent commented in the media recently that young couples who couldn’t afford to buy their first home in Auckland only had themselves to blame. Wow! In one sense, he was right. If you chose the wrong parents, I guess that is true.
As the song goes: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it has gone.” Until recently, New Zealand has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the least corrupt nations in the world, but it is rapidly being eroded.
Last week, 170 countries formally signed the agreement to protect the world from dangerous climate change that was agreed in Paris last December. Now all countries, especially the richer nations such as New Zealand, need to take action.
I am Woman had its hugely successful first public event and launch on April 30 at a high tea event held at The Langham Hotel, where about 200 women (and some great men) attended.
As a small country isolated by vast areas of ocean, air links are essential to New Zealand’s connectivity with the rest of the world.
Many business people, workers, students, economists and academics from New Zealand and overseas attended Labour’s recent Future of Work conference in Auckland. It was an exciting two days that created lots of buzz around the changes in the global...
Our reputation for integrity was sullied after it was revealed that this country has been complicit with the powerful and wealthy using it to register trusts here to dodge meeting their tax obligations.
The recent leak of the Panama papers lift the lid on a huge cesspit of tax evasion and money laundering hosted by the world’s tax havens. It is shameful that the papers show New Zealand to be one of those tax havens.
These are the lyrics of a song written by Australian-American artist Helen Reddy and singer-songwriter Ray Burton and performed by Reddy, who often said she wanted to do a song that aptly described women.
What do we want our city of Auckland to look like in the future? As a candidate for Auckland’s mayoralty, I’ve been thinking a lot about the sort of city I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in.
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Fiji and Tonga, who have been detrimentally affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston. I particularly send my condolences to the people of Fiji, who have suffered most severely from the strongest cyclone...
Looking ahead New Zealand remains well placed to build on the progress we’ve all made in recent years.
The International Women's Day 2016 is upon us. This year the theme has two parts to it, one - to celebrate women all across the world and two - to make a pledge for gender parity.
The seeds of our future are sown from the decisions we take in our past. As we enter the New Year, it is important to look at two crucial decisions in 2015 that will have a crucial impact in 2016 and beyond.
The entire Western and American media are raving about it let alone the media of the two countries. Yes, they are indeed talking about Modi’s surprise visit to Pakistan on Christmas day.
What is more important? Funding a referendum that is likely to fail or paying for a drug that will save lives?
The government is committed to maintaining an economic environment where our SMEs can flourish. I know first-hand what it takes to keep an SME going and that’s why I’m proud to talk about the government’s economic record as we deliver for New Zealanders.
International students have a special, strong place in New Zealand. They strengthen and contribute to the economy and provide a great contribution to education providers and their communities.
US President Barack Obama made his emblematic statement at the G20 summit in Turkey on November 15 that the Paris attacks were an "attack on civilized world.
When the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment brought out a paper calling for serious planning against the threat of rising sea levels, the government took little notice.

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