All New Zealanders need somewhere warm and safe to live. Having a home, whether it’s a safe, warm rental or a property of your own, is an important part of belonging to your community. It’s about being able to invest time and energy in your...
Helping to keep more New Zealanders and their families healthy is a priority for the National-led Government.
When the Auckland Super City was established in 2010 and eight different councils were amalgamated into one, my expectation was that this could help eliminate duplication and wastage across the City.
Free Trade Agreements (FTA) enable New Zealand exporters to sell more products and services to the world, creating more jobs and higher incomes for New Zealanders. Tariff savings represent money businesses can spend growing and employing...
We’ll require all rental homes to be warm, dry and healthy, meeting proper standards in insulation, heating, ventilation, draught-stopping and drainage. This will ensure people who live in them don’t get sick. All our children deserve to be warm...
Supporting older New Zealanders through better access to public services is one of this government’s main priorities.
Improving housing supply and affordability is important for New Zealand families and communities, and the National-led government has a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue.
India’s position on trade and investment was the focus of a recent meeting in Auckland, as Indian negotiators argued for a gradual approach to opening up their economy. They came under pressure from...
This Budget pretended to solve the housing crisis, but instead it just blamed someone else—in this case, the Auckland Council. There was no plan to deal with the crisis that has left people homeless, sleeping in garages or cars, or going into debt...
As a country, New Zealand is more confident and the economy is growing solidly. Budget 2016 invests in New Zealand’s future, while ensuring we continue to support New Zealand families by investing in the public services that matter to them.
Women Economic Forum 2016 concluded in New Delhi on May 21. More than 1,200 Women from 109 countries gathered at Pullman, New Delhi for a week-long conference from May 16 to 21. The conference was organised by All Ladies League (ALL)...
A real estate agent commented in the media recently that young couples who couldn’t afford to buy their first home in Auckland only had themselves to blame. Wow! In one sense, he was right. If you chose the wrong parents, I guess that is true.
As the song goes: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it has gone.” Until recently, New Zealand has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the least corrupt nations in the world, but it is rapidly being eroded.
Last week, 170 countries formally signed the agreement to protect the world from dangerous climate change that was agreed in Paris last December. Now all countries, especially the richer nations such as New Zealand, need to take action.
I am Woman had its hugely successful first public event and launch on April 30 at a high tea event held at The Langham Hotel, where about 200 women (and some great men) attended.
As a small country isolated by vast areas of ocean, air links are essential to New Zealand’s connectivity with the rest of the world.
Many business people, workers, students, economists and academics from New Zealand and overseas attended Labour’s recent Future of Work conference in Auckland. It was an exciting two days that created lots of buzz around the changes in the global...
Our reputation for integrity was sullied after it was revealed that this country has been complicit with the powerful and wealthy using it to register trusts here to dodge meeting their tax obligations.
The recent leak of the Panama papers lift the lid on a huge cesspit of tax evasion and money laundering hosted by the world’s tax havens. It is shameful that the papers show New Zealand to be one of those tax havens.
These are the lyrics of a song written by Australian-American artist Helen Reddy and singer-songwriter Ray Burton and performed by Reddy, who often said she wanted to do a song that aptly described women.

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