We are blessed to have four seasons in New Zealand and each season has its uniqueness. With winter upon us, it’s a great time to photograph ice and the effects of the cold. So get your beanie, gloves, jacket and maybe ear warmers...
You couldn’t have missed the buzz around the new mobile game Pokémon Go unless you have been away from this planet
Is your kid finding it difficult to memorise lessons at school? Worry not, as feeding cinnamons, a delicious addition to toast, coffee, and breakfast rolls might help improve learning ability, says a study.
He is a doctor, a social entrepreneur, a lecturer at three universities in New Zealand and Australia, and perhaps the only writer who has written books across fiction, non-fiction and medicine.
For Parmeet Sahni, her fascination with cameras goes back to her modelling days. Many might recognise her as the runner-up in Mrs India NZ 2014. It was in the same year, when Sahni decided to pursue her passion for photography...
He is part of a generation that has been raised with smartphones and multi-touch platforms. At the age of 12, he developed his first app, but it was his most recent development of The Homework App that put him on the global tech map.
I find that photo critique is a great way of learning photography. It can help you see photos in a different way that you are used to. This is because every photographer has their unique way of photographing or looking at the subjects.
As you reach out for your morning cuppa, the essential accompaniment to savour the real flavour of a blissful start is your favourite newspaper. As the publication completes seven years, we take a look at how the news magazine reaches you every week.
As International Yoga day draws near, it is time to brush up our basics on yoga. Yoga is defined as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures...
Auckland specialist immigration lawyer Alastair McClymont is concerned that immigration statistics are being distorted by politicians and fed to the media to fit political agendas and do not reflect the true situation.
Ramadan, the holy month for the Muslim community, commences on Tuesday, June 7, on the sighting of the moon. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar that comes after Shabaan.
This week, we shall explore in more detail in the second part of understanding exposure and the concept of depth of field.
When Sundar Pichai took the stage on May 18 during the Google I/O event at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, the excitement in the crowd was palpable.
Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Akash Sandhu aka Akasha, has been living in Auckland for the past eight years. Although a Business Development Manager by profession, Sandhu can be seen spinning at New Zealand’s hidden...
The no-make-up make-up era is gone and now is the season of bright eyes and lips. Let’s take a look at the latest trends that you must try this season
A photographer uses exposure to control what he wants to show in the photo. It is the opposite of a painting where a painter starts with a blank canvas and fills in the colour. A photographer, on the other hand, starts with all the colours and ...
Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8, and you still haven’t bought the perfect gift for your dear mum. Instead of heading to the nearest store to pick up a Hallmark card, swap it with these simple and touching gestures to show your love for...
Last time we spoke about some of the benefits of eating avocado. We bring you some more in this issue. Just to recap—avocados are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K1, and vitamin B-6.
We aim to make the company a world leader in gas leak detection technology in the next five years, he said, adding that the company has recently launched its first gas leak detector Ammonia LD 4000.
In today’s busy world, money has a crucial role to play in our life, from a medium of exchange to the well-being of a person. The response towards money can indicate a person’s money personality.

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