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We all know of popular homegrown remedies but how effective are they?
With the weather being unpredictable of late, most people tend to catch a cough and flu, a blocked or a runny nose, a sore throat, or even a mild temperature? If you are tired of swallowing tablets or simply does not have a chance to visit a doctor.
Some time ago, I was in Singapore, addressing the faculty of a premier management and administrative training college. Because I was hopping from engagement to engagement, just before entering the place, I asked, “What’s the talk about?
I just randomly started writing my feelings about how I felt being there and what I was going through, and it sort of gave birth to the idea of the autobiography that eventually got published.
As a jobseeker in New Zealand, you would’ve heard and experienced this statement countless times: “It’s not important what you know. What is important is who you know.” And I can bet, you know or have heard about someone
If we allow ourselves to become controlled and directed by our mind and senses in the hope that we’re going to get some actual lasting happiness, then we remain unfulfilled, empty, and a slave to those desires.
The choice is yours when it comes to mobile phones with Nokia rebooting its hugely popular 3310 model after a decade and LG launching its new flagship G6
In Sanskrit, the word Shiva means perfect, benevolent, kind, and auspicious.
You have travelled on roads, bridges, tunnels. You have travelled in trains, boats cars, airplanes (and maybe a space shuttle). How about travelling in a capsule gliding inside a tube?
To operate in the world, you need an identity. If you are in Mumbai and someone asks, “Who are you?” you cannot say, “I’m a nobody”—that would be ridiculous. So to function in the society in which you exist, you need an identity.

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