When she’s on stage, she forgets herself and immerses completely in the dance performance. Despite being born and brought up in New Zealand she keeps in touch with Indian culture
During World War I, the Indian Army, then called the British Indian Army, contributed a number of divisions and independent brigades to the European Front in West, Mediterranean and the Middle East theatres of war in World War I.
7 major companies with interests in Real Estate, FMCG, Industrial Engineering, Appliances, Furniture, Security and Agri Care - to name a few - turnover crosses 3.25 billion dollars.
After reclaiming the top spot in badminton singles rankings, Saina Nehwal is doubly delighted at fellow Hyderabadi tennis ace Sania Mirza's rise to the summit of the women's doubles rankings.
Raissa Sidhu, daughter of Raj and Claudia Sidhu who founded SRS Hair Clinic, talks about the family’s journey to overcome the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake which destroyed their home as well as their clinic.
Of ‘Morning Dew’ fame, young and talented Sayanti Chatterjee, shares her journey and feelings about being one of the very few Indian singers and song-writers, in New Zealand in the western genre
Toronto-based poet Rupi Kaur's image showing blood-stained pants was recently deleted by a mobile photo and video sharing service Instagram, stating it goes "against community guidelines".
Ravi Narayan, who doubled as Kili and also played a goblin role in The Hobbit, talks about his journey in the entertainment industry – from national to international
Simran is a 19-year-old undergrad student at University of Auckland. But she also runs a local Bollywood dance school in Glenfield and the Roskill area.
I think I’ve always been a writer at heart but it took me a long time to commit to it. Books and stories were a powerful influence in my childhood and I knew as a child that if possible writing is what I wanted to do.
Health column with Dr Pondicherry Sen, President of Arogya Mantra
Anjalee has been living separated from her mother and in other elephant company for the past three and half years, due to her mother being bullied out of the main herd.
Constable Satvir Sen from Otahuhu Police Station tells us about the Counties Manukau West Community Policing Team which is working on reducing over-representation of Kiwi-Indians as victims of crime
Rohit Singh is currently the World Boxing Federation Asia Pacific heavy weight champion, and the only Indian to have achieved this
Komal Patel, who runs Green Trading, an online organic store, with her husband Rohan, talks about her experiences when their seven-year-old boy was detected with leukaemia
Immigrants share the stories of their journey from their home country to their adopted country.
I advise people of all ethnicities to do a monthly skin self-exam, looking for lesions that bleed, ooze or crust, don’t heal, or last longer than a month; these may indicate basal cell carcinoma.
Vocal artiste Vibha Trivedi keeps the audience mesmerised by her stage performances
As I was done with the interview, our friend arrived and Shastri got up to leave for the airport. That’s when I truly noticed the good looks of the man who lead the Indian cricket team to so many victories internationally....
To all those who are struggling here in NZ, I would I would like to say, believe in yourself, do not run away from hard-work and success is all yours.”

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