Wind-swept, flowing long tresses is no longer the epitome of femininity – at least not in Bollywood. But then Bollywood sets the trend for street fashion in India, as well as Indians abroad.
Rahul Uppal offers to give back to the society what he has received quite generously since his arrival in Auckland
We have all had our own reasons to move out of our home country in search of greener pastures and not just that, most of us for years, have shied away from claiming our heritage and ethnicity.
Five-year-old Viraaj Amin won third prize in the Habitat for Humanity’s annual Build Challenge, which is sponsored by Lego and has entries from across the country
11-year-old Lekha Gupta scored a hundred per cent at the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) to showcase her competency in mathematics
The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come. In keeping with this spirit let us look at some pointers that made us proud in 2014, and list some more to look forward to in 2015
All of us want to improve on the life we are living and hence the new year becomes a time to reflect, to take stock and to try to create a better version of ourselves.
Bhavna Chahal, Mrs India NZ 2014, talks about her love, life and passion
Paul Ross, founder of Pacific Kids, climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro last weekend to raise funds for his orphanage in Fiji, Loloma Homes.
Vanita Morar wins black belt in Japanese karate at 49. “On Saturday mornings, at the age of 45 years, I started to learn self-defence,” remembers Vanita Morar.
Paul Ross, founder of Pacific Kids, is all set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for kids in Fiji
Dhanashree Pandit Rai promotes this dying genre of light classical Indian music through a recent concert in Auckland
This is a humble attempt to list the top 10 jewels who have made the Sikh community proud, through hard work and dedication that has become their trademark over the years. Honestly, it was not an easy job.
Sikhs have been setting examples for the world when it comes to serving the society or helping the needful. Gurudwaras in Auckland also do different activities in order to help the community.
Well while enjoying the life to the fullest, Sikhs also follow Sikh customs by heart. These customs or principles not only inspire Sikhs but people from different religious backgrounds too.
Sri Guru Nanak Devji was the first of the Sikh Gurus the founder of Sikhism. The teachings of Sikhism, also called ‘Gurbani’, highlights the principle of equality and denies any discrimination based on caste, religion or gender.
Fashion now has a new name. He is being hailed and admired as one of India’s best dressed Prime Ministers.
We Eat, We love, We Pray, and that’s how we usher in the festivities. There are many important things in life. Learning, growing, loving and exploring are things that each of us should take time out for.
Prof Deshpande’s seminar, entitled “Women’s Vote in Indian Elections: Has Gender Arrived?”, examined the nature of women’s vote casting in India.
Gagan Saxena, from Auckland Council Building Control Department, enlightens us about housing in Auckland.

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