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In Sanskrit, the word Shiva means perfect, benevolent, kind, and auspicious.
You have travelled on roads, bridges, tunnels. You have travelled in trains, boats cars, airplanes (and maybe a space shuttle). How about travelling in a capsule gliding inside a tube?
To operate in the world, you need an identity. If you are in Mumbai and someone asks, “Who are you?” you cannot say, “I’m a nobody”—that would be ridiculous. So to function in the society in which you exist, you need an identity.
Sehaj Sapra, a 10-year-old golfer from Auckland, recently made it to the top five during the Auckland tour of US Kids Golf Championship held in December and January. She is a Year Six student at Kristin School and is the house captain for junior school...
Technology is now pervasive in classrooms across New Zealand. The benefits of learning using technology as an aid is significant.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, couples are ready to celebrate their special day. Our readers share their Valentines memories and their plans with us.
Almost everyone feels some degree of emptiness; a feeling that something is gnawing away from within, and thus, we are constantly in search of something to fill up that emptiness.
It is my first day at the call centre. My eyes gaze through the room with an intention to befriend someone. I feel comfortable approaching a middle-aged Indian gentleman and so I do. While conversing with him, I found out that he was from Mumbai, India.
I met a job seeker who has been in New Zealand for the last few months, and in our meeting, he constantly complained about the employment market, recruiters, job boards, and his agent from his home country.
It’s not every day you meet a group of people who volunteer their time to contribute towards the benefit of the community. One such group is the 40- to 60-year-old women in Auckland who meet at the Auckland Indian Association (AIA) to cook food for...

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