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Natasha Bali started off as radio presenter before deciding to pursue her passion for dancing by opening a dance academy.Natasha Bali recently landed her first role in a movie that will soon hit theatres..
The story behind Auckland’s annual celebration and the events to look out for during the long weekend.
There are always small battles within battles. These small battles re-define history but fail to engrave itself in the human memory. The heroics of the people, who fought these battles, though are for everyone to admire who take the pain to read...
The nutrition world seems to be all excited about what is now being called the superfood of the future—Quinoa. Grown in the Andes for thousands of years, the "mother grain of the Incas" was obscure until it was discovered by foodies...
India’s Republic Day parade on New Delhi's iconic Rajpath is often hailed as a stunning display of the country's military might and diversity. But in tune with changing times, this year's parade is set to witness some first-ever inclusions and...
A Republic Day special—from unknown facts about the celebration to the major amendments made to the Indian Constitution.
In celebration of the Indian Republic Day, we at Indian Weekender decided that we wanted to celebrate this spirit of being Indian with our readers. We wanted them to take a moment out of their busy schedules and think about this.
Nobody is a fan of loose talk and I am no exception. What boils up every drop of blood in me are misinformed conversations that give birth to misinformed opinions.
Many smartphone users are unaware of what their Android apps are accessing and that if they were, they'd like to stop it, according to a study.
This year, too, CES 2016 unveiled some cool gadgets and tech concepts, ranging from automobiles, televisions, mobile devices to virtual reality, wearable devices and drones.
Farida Master lives in the pulsating world of media. In an exclusive interview with Indian Weekender, the Auckland-based senior journalist speaks about her stint in the industry, ...
Kiwi Indian singer Akshay Hari Belas is all set to represent the Kiwi Indian Community on the world stage with his acceptance into the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, the USA where the likes of John Mayer have studied.
In the country of festivals, Lohri marks the first main celebration of the year. It is observed on January 13 every year and with Indians now living across the world, the festival is celebrated among the Indian diaspora,...
For Fiji-born Neekita Naidu, a chance win at a photo shoot paved her way into the world of modelling. Seven years and many pageants later, she is now on her way to Fiji to compete in the World Supermodel South Pacific event.
The tales of people who rise after all the hardships and struggle that life has thrown upon them
Read the complete and #Special report on Chennai floods...
There are several other bene?ts of olive oil such as the evidence to prove that use of olive oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of a stroke, keeps the heart young and also ?ghts osteoporosis.
When Naz Shazmaani had her car and all of her commercial cleaning equipment stolen recently, colleagues rallied round to ensure she didn’t miss a single contract.
I remember around eight years ago, holidaying in Goa with a few friends. Every morning, we would head to the nearest cyber café, which invariably used to be packed with tourists from around the world.

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