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The year 2016 was a mixed year for technology with various hits and misses. This year, some exciting new products will be unveiled to tech-watchers. In Tech Mate’s first column for 2017, let us look at the nine launches that I am looking forward to.
What does the spiritual process have to do with food? Food is about the body. But it is the body that is the basis of your existence here.
Ever felt jealous about the attention your partner was giving to someone else? Trying retail therapy like buying eye-catching t-shirts or dresses may help you gain love back in your life.
Are you finding yourself having lesser discussions with your partner or thinking of an extra-marital relationship? If so, it's time to consult a marriage counsellor, suggests an expert.
If you have lived in North India, especially Punjab, songs such as this would have been quite common after the new year rolls in and people get ready for the first festival of the year in the country known as the country of festivals.
In our Face of the Week section this week, we are featuring ‘faces’ of two Aucklanders—Prashant Trivedi and Santhan Kusum, developers of a website that will help the first-home buyers save a lot of money.
Simply changing your eating schedule like taking the last meal of the day by the mid-afternoon can help burn fat and lose weight, suggests new research.
An hour-long nap after lunch may help older adults to preserve their memories, improve their ability to think clearly as well as to make decisions, a study has found.
Many people who are returning to their daily routines after taking time off to celebrate Christmas and New Years, find it a struggle to adapt back into their everyday lives. But one can beat the holiday blues by taking care of a few simple steps.
Scientists have for the first time identified a mechanism that regulates rhythmic brain waves that play a key role in making our memories permanent.

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