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In this immigration special edition, we attempt to bring quality advice from renowned industry experts in immigration for the benefit of our readers
Lewis was in Auckland earlier this week for an event organised to celebrate the life and works of Mother Teresa. Indian Weekender caught up with him to know more about his inspiring journey.
Do you find it difficult to remember lessons despite reading them over and over again because of the stress that examinations put? If yes, this new study may provide you with a solution.
A father's love can have a special influence on young adults. While it can boost the maths grades of the teenage daughter, it may improve the language skills in the son.
Since time immemorial, people have migrated to different lands for a number of reasons. Sometimes voluntarily and sometimes due to certain circumstances, but mostly, for the safety and security of their people.
While the iPhone is great, it is definitely overrated. In recent iterations, Apple has increasingly copied features from other phones. Take the dual-camera setup or notification system for instance.
Indian Weekender spoke to her about her journey into cinema and theatre.
A ban on smoking in public places came into effect across India eight years ago—but India still remains home to 12 per cent of the world's smokers and they with their second-hand smoke pose a threat to ...
With an aim to provide the members of the community an opportunity to enjoy their life to the fullest, Art of Happiest Living is holding a seven-day meditation and self-development course in Auckland.
There are thousands of earthquakes in New Zealand every year and it is in everyone's best interests to be educated in advance about how best to train ourselves for any eventual disaster.

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