Along with our skin that loses the firmness and elasticity of the youth, our brain also starts to sag as we age, researchers say.
This way, doctors can manage the treatment plan of the patient on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that medication is working properly and eliminating the need for patients to make stressful clinical visits.
The study reveals fine details of structures between stars in the Milky Way for the first time.
In a major breakthrough in the field of speech recognition, Microsoft researchers have created a technology that accurately recognises the human voice.
The linguistic email service will allow people from across the country to communicate in eight regional languages and in the English language to provide ease of connecting and bridge the digital divide among Indians
With my first Karwa Chauth round the corner, I am secretly contemplating if I should be torturing my stomach to magically lengthen my husband’s life.
Well, there is an incredible support from my family and my wife Nikita has been my backbone. I would work all day at the clinics and then sit with my laptop doing market research.
As the number of youth suffering from osteoarthritis continues to surge globally, health experts on Wednesday said that a wrong posture for long durations was the biggest contributor to the disease
Indian organisations are the most digitally mature globally as nine in 10 enterprises in the country have witnessed the entrance of new competitors as a result of digital technologies, a new report said on Wednesday.
The parental absence in early childhood resulting from death or relationship break-up is linked to an increased risk of children starting to smoke and to drink alcohol even before they reach teenage years, says a study.

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