Belongs to Shivani Arora, executive chef at India Gate Restaurant, who cooks and serves food to thousands, not only within the Kiwi-Indian community but also beyond
Dr Sonzogni’s seminar drew upon his research into the world-wide diffusion, reception and translations of the Pañcatantra, an ancient Indian collection of animal fables believed to have been authored by the Indian sage Pandit Vishnu Sarma around 200 BCE.
Zara Iqbal wins hearts and accolades with her ‘Killer Mouthwash’ project that seeks to determine the effectiveness of the healthcare product across many brands
Uttara Ramkumar, a multi talented star can be best described as ‘beauty with brains’. Gliding her way through the glitzy world of glamour into becoming a high achieving corporate,
Prerna Sinha, an Auckland based developer with the reputed company Grabone, DJ and model, is doing everything right to earn the Miss Universe NZ tiara
Like dolphins racing the waves, Ishita Malaviya, surfs through the rhythm of the oceans becoming India’s first woman surfer. And she is keen to take her passion for surfing to New Zealand beaches.
No one can fault Akshay Kumar's dare-devilry on screen, but Bollywood's action titan insists his forthcoming film "Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty"
In January 1889, or so the story goes, Motilal Nehru, a 27-year-old lawyer from Allahabad, travelled to the Hindu holy town of Rishikesh, weighed down by personal tragedy.
Music is said to be a global language.
It's pointless banning a book in today's day and age when everything is easily available at the click of a mouse.
An Indian scientist in Britain has been granted a prestigious fellowship worth 1,068,000 pounds by a top British agency
New book to prove that Sachin is Greater than Bradman
Mahesh Bindra, resident of Mt. Roskill, happens to be the face of the vibrant Kiwi Indian community within the NZ First fold.
Mr. Daven Naidu, Managing Director of Yoobee Retail, speaks of his growth, and how adapting and being ready for change has been his key to success.
Kirk Serpes of Generation Zero, is a torch bearer and ignited mind.

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