Mahesh Bindra, resident of Mt. Roskill, happens to be the face of the vibrant Kiwi Indian community within the NZ First fold.
Mr. Daven Naidu, Managing Director of Yoobee Retail, speaks of his growth, and how adapting and being ready for change has been his key to success.
Kirk Serpes of Generation Zero, is a torch bearer and ignited mind.
Bhavnesh Soni won another IRIS award from the NZIPP for the New Zealand Indian Bridal Magazine.
As GFS turns 15, Ajay Kumar the much revered financial advisor shares his journey with the Indian Weekender.
Among the 10 young people in NZ trained as future leaders
Six months on as CEO of Mega, the cloud storage site, Mr. Kumar chats with the Indian Weekender
‘Fly Me Up to Where You Are’ will be in Aotea Square from 6 to 24 March and is one of Auckland Arts Festival’s many free visual arts events. ‘
Tony earns the title of Bayleys Real Estate’s top South Auckland Salesperson – for the fourth year running.
I went in to this interview with some preconceived notions of what a DJ was like but was pleasantly surprised after meeting Areeb, a System/ Networks Engineer in the day and a DJ by night. And he donates all his income from DJing to charity.
Davinder Singh Rahal, well known in the community as a humble, soft-spoken man has been awarded a Queen’s Service Medal for his services to the Indian community.
Osama’s daughter-in-law talks on being a Binladen
Indian Weekender with Curry Munchers and Shortland Street's multitalented star Leela Patel
A tribute to the founder of the classic series that has regaled two generations of Indians around the world
Hands-on commitment and down to earth approach has seen the rise of the burgeoning Food For Less supermarket group

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