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An Indian taxi driver, Antas Shiva, who has been with First Direct taxi company since 2015, was assaulted with a hammer by three youths – two boys and a girl – on the morning of May 18.
Eight business students from Ara Institute of Canterbury – all recipients of New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA) – have returned home after what they called “a life-changing experience”.
For most in the Kiwi-Indian communities, especially retailers and small business owners who are at the forefront of facing assaults and aggravated robberies, there may be less appetite for knowing about any hike in the social sector
One can utilise their free time or idle time to do Dhikr such as while driving, cooking, cleaning, before sleeping, sitting, walking, before and after prayers.
The Telangana Association of New Zealand (TANZ) in association with NZ Blood service organised a blood donation camp for the community on Wednesday, May 24 in Epsom, Auckland.
Sarpreet has two dreams: becoming a professional footballer and to represent the All Whites on the world platform. "Playing professional football and for the All Whites is all I ever wanted to do,” Sarpreet said.
The third accomplice guarded the closed door, and the fourth offender tried opening the cash register. Unable to open with the screwdriver, the offender then pulled out and took the whole cash register with him.
If we observed the fasting with sincerity and dedication, it is sure to instil discipline and steadfastness in us that will keep us on the straight path for the next 11 months of the year.
Following are the five key areas of budget directly influencing Kiwi-Indians.
If you use fire in your home, you need to read this change in by law.

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