Community members are expecting some standout leadership on the student deportation issue to resolve it speedily in the best interests of all.
Indian students' hope of securing a last-minute reprieve from the government to allow them to stay in this country legitimately seems to have been ignored again when their loud protest in Auckland failed to elicit
The clear message that came out from the recent mayoral debate organised by Manukau Indian Association, was that Indian community demands active engagement from all candidates of mayoralty...
The last 10 days of September proved to be the deadliest on the North Island roads with more than 10 fatal crashes and 7 deaths that included two Indians—Pavin Pramoth and Jaspreet Singh Spal.
Starting on November 2, the programme will run for four Wednesdays between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.
The veteran community leader responds to ERA's recent decision ordering him to pay $43,000 to a migrant worker from India
The Kiwi-Indian community all geared up to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on Sunday, October 2, to mark the 147th birth anniversary of the Father of Nation. October 2 is also celebrated as International Day of Non-Violence
Twenty men’s team and five women’s team participated in the first Ethkick West Football Tournament last weekend
A dairy in Napier was robbed at gunpoint on Friday, September 16
In our insurance special this week, we ask experts to give their advice on some of the most common queries of policyholders

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