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Yoga techniques showcased at Chch IDY celebrations

“We had Ms Asmita Makwana from Sunrise Yoga, Ms Jo McHerg from Yoga Place and Ms Aurora Smith from the Art of Living foundation. The international nature of Yoga trainers and teachers that we have here in Christchurch is truly remarkable.”...




Fish Pakora

‘Finger-food that can be made at the eleventh hour to be consumed immediately’ sums up this crispy, traditional preparation....


Aged care to meet the needs of all

In our multicultural society, many services like rest homes for the elderly are still provided according to the needs of the majority population. But culture matters. So does food....

Understanding the Kashmir problem

Pakistan gifted parts of Jammu and Kashmir to China and even agreed to facilitate its access to the Indian Ocean. Karakoram highway and Gwadar sea port are few examples of the resulting Chinese investments....