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Decoding the cover letter

When anyone enters the job market in search of his/her dream job, the first thing they do is to write a cover letter. It is often ignored in terms of structure and content.

So, you think you are the victim?

I met a job seeker who has been in New Zealand for the last few months, and in our meeting, he constantly complained about the employment market, recruiters, job boards, and his agent from his home country.

Welcome to Aotearoa, what next?

Since time immemorial, people have migrated to different lands for a number of reasons. Sometimes voluntarily and sometimes due to certain circumstances, but mostly, for the safety and security of their people.

Not sure if you are qualified for a job?

One of the struggles for a job seeker is seeing a job advertised that you feel would be a dream fit for you, but you’re lacking one or more of the required qualifications. A lot of job seekers move on and never send in ...