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Because it’s natural. Period

I tried hard to suppress my surprise, annoyance, not to mention the cryptic humour in her language. But the question foremost on my mind was: “Is the monthly cycle really a ‘suffering’?”

That heart beating inside your heart

Just then I spotted a lady who looked quite evidently pregnant, and was carrying four bags on her. Yes, there were four bags of different sizes – a backpack, a small messenger bag slung across her shoulders and two supermarket bags on each arm.

Making sense of Macca-tiquette

I went up to the counter with my child and told one of the staff about what had happened. He asked for the receipt and I told him that I had thrown it away. ‘Sorry, I need the receipt,’ he said and walked away from us to another customer.

Taken for a ride!

In this column, I share my experiences that would perhaps be familiar to you too. If you can relate to them, please share your thoughts or similar experiences with me.

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