Immigrant news 
Work Visa Immigration New Zealand
Work Visa - Working Temporarily in New Zealand
Requirements and processes involved in obtaining a temporary work visa
Parent Category Immigration New Zealand
New Parent Category - Process
We look into the requirements of the two tiers of the New Parent Category
Working temporarily in New Zealand
This edition takes a look at the requirements and process of applying for a work visa in New Zealand

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    Personal Finance
    investment kiwisaver
    Invest with a long-term perspective
    Around 2 and half years ago, when global financial crisis started, most of the investors were reluctant to invest money in growth assets
    financial planning
    Why do you need a Financial Adviser?
    Financial planning is important to help debt planning, personal risk planning or investment planning

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    The Duty of Disclosure when taking out insurance
    Legally, you have a duty to give the company this information
    The benefits of having insurance – Some case studies
    These Case studies highlight the distinct benefits and advantages of income protection and health cover

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      Know the law 
      Personal grievance Employment Relations
      Personal Grievance
      How to deal with Personal Grievance in the Workplace
      Drink Driving
      Drink Drive and Limited Licences - A Review
      A quick look at the facts, rules and laws around drink driving in New Zealand
      What are your rights when being questioned by the police?
      Lawyer Neelam McDonald writes this column for Indian Weekender readers to answer questions on legal matters

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        Building Skilled and Safe Workplaces
        National’s plan to boost skills, achievement, and productivity for New Zealand
        National is committed to helping boost labour productivity, drive sustained economic growth, and deliver higher wages.
        Bakshi Building Export Markets
        Helping businesses to grow and creating jobs
        "We can all agree that New Zealand needs more and higher-paying jobs"
        Is the consent process daunting?
        There’s been a dramatic shift from new house construction to additions and alterations

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